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Conversation with the wise, you can also meditate alone, in a limited space, let the mind infinitely gallop. The Red Apple study, with its simple design, displays the richest connotations and Zen, while meeting the functional requirements of comfort and reading. These will be the reasons why you fall in love with reading.

new_study_aw_1_ study_aw_3 study_aw_2 study_aw_4
  The alternation of the depths is the magic given by the Creator. Introverted and not dull, noble and not expensive, bringing a quaint wind.  


study_maple_3 study_maple_1 study_maple_4 study_maple_2
  The light-coloured maple series gives a simple, soft and intimate aesthetic, and exudes the beauty of "flat and simple". Elegant light-coloured maple wood, full of modernity.  


study_black_1 study_black_2 study_black_3 study_black_4
  The ingenious combination of simplicity and classic, combined with exquisite craftsmanship, simple, low-key and unobstructive, in line with modern people's pursuit of fashion, advocating simple taste and trend.  


study_white_5 study_white_7 study_white_4 study_white_3
  The glossy saturated exterior combines with the transparent glass and light aluminium frame to create a fresh, elegant, simple and white space giving you a unique and enjoyable experience  


study_cherry_3 study_cherry_4 study_aw_4 study_cherry_2
  Cherry wood is also known as the “thinking tree” and the natural lines will be more stereoscopic and clear due to the superposition of time. Each line tells a story of Time, Love and Home.