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Living Room


Alone Better Together

Meeting, talking, playing, watching movies, sharing interesting things with family... The living room is the home of life and the entertainment center of the home. The style of the living room often represents the owner's personality, taste, life attitude and aesthetic taste.

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Walnut Series - "Low Key Luxury"

Adhering to the design concept of wood aesthetics, it represents a natutal texture, and the alternating shades are the magic given by the creator. It is chic and stable, with a strong sense of layering, noble and inexpensive, with both connotation value.
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Black Series - "Classic Fashion"

The ingenious combination of simplicity and classic, combined with exquisite craftsmanship, simple, low-key and unobstructive, in line with modern people's pursuit of fashion, advocating simple taste and trend.
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Bright Series - "Elagant and Pure"

The glossy saturated exterior combines with the transparent glass and light aluminium frame to create a fresh, elegant, simple and wuite space giving you a unique and enjoyable experience.
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Maple Series - "Fresh and Elegant"

The light-coloured maple series gives a simple, soft and intimate aesthetic, and exudes the beauty of "flat and simple". Elegant light-coloured maple wood, full of modernity.